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How does Mr. Homestead work?

Essentially, we rent a property and in turn list it on Airbnb for bookings. We  manage a very successful Airbnb portfolio as a Super-host through properties we either own, rent or co-host. When renting, the property is managed just like a normal private rental, with weekly rent paid, regular inspections & a tenancy agreement signed by both parties.


How can we rent a property and list it on Airbnb, is that allowed?

If the owner and strata/body corporate (if applicable) has agreed, the property can be listed on Airbnb for bookings.  The agreement is noted in the special terms of the tenancy agreement.


Is that even legal?

Great question and something we made sure to verify before starting this business. Even though there are people already doing it, we wanted to make sure this was a long-term option with no grey areas. All our legal leases with landlords have been approved by property lawyers in every state of Australia. We can supply this documentation for you which is all fully compliant.

What happens if a guest damages property?

All our listings have strict rules of no parties, no smoking & no pets. Our strict sifting and qualifying formula for the "right" kind of tenants reduces the risk of anything. We take out specific insurance and the Airbnb Host Guarantee also protects hosts up to $1,000,000 should accidents happen.


Random travelling strangers will trash my property?

We have found the opposite. AirBnB travelers know what AirBnB is all about and in our experience, treat their stays with respect. We make sure we screen every single booking to make sure they have at least 5 glowing reviews through AirBnB previously. We check and screen their ID and have not had a single bad experience.

We also have a VERY strict no parties, no smoking and no pet’s policy that has to be adhered to and signed off on before their booking is accepted. We also check the property after every single stay. Your property is in good hands with Mr Homestead.

What about insurance?

You will need to speak with your insurance company to see if they can include Airbnb bookings in your land-lords insurance.


What type of properties do you manage?

All types, apartments and houses, granny flats, spare rooms and even house boats and caravans. Most of our properties are located in tourist areas around Australia, popular wedding locations, popular corporate hubs and anything close to the CBD.


Why would I rent to you rather than a tenant?

All our listings are cleaned by professional cleaners after each booking, meaning it will be spick and span regularly, we have a no parties, no smoking & no pets rule and we need the property in working order, therefore will ensure all maintenance is noted in a timely manner.


Can you look after a property in my area?

We can look after any property in all areas of Australia as long as it fits our model. We have systems and partners in place in all areas of Australia to help you set, forget and collect.


So how would it work? Are there any fees working with you?

No. We would be just like a tenant (The best tenant you ever had) We would pay a bond, rent up front and then a weekly or monthly rent just like a normal tenant. There are zero fees for you. You collect your guaranteed agreed rent and we will look after your property as if it were our own. You save on fees and have your house cared for with no hassles.

We even take care of any minor maintenance. For example, if a light bulb goes out or a kitchen draw breaks. We will just fix that at the cost of the business and keep the house up to 5 star standards. We don’t want to bother you with minor details or costs unless you want to be. Of course, major cosmetic procedures we would notify you and ask permission. We aim on having a long-term relationship with our property owners and a stress-free experience for you while getting your best return, with no hassles.

What are the advantages of having Mr Homestead as a tenant?

In short, we have your house professionally cleaned after every single stay. If you have a furnished home, there is less wear and tear on all appliances. AirBnB guests rarely use a dishwasher, dryer, kettle, TV, Dishwasher or washing machine. No agent fees. No parties, no smoking and no pets. 

You will never have to worry about vacancies or missing out on rent. We pay on time every time and as long as we are both happy, then will always be keen to re-sign a long-term lease.

We at Mr Homestead really are your Set, Forget and Collect partners. We pride ourselves on having your property looking better than when we found it, your home is not just a home.


What are the costs of your services and how do you charge?

We charge 25% (inc. GST) of the nightly rate after Airbnb's fee and cleaning fees, which the guest pays. The total Airbnb payout is paid to Mr.Homestead and then we pay you your share via direct deposit on a monthly basis.  Payment of any other services will be requested via Paypal or Direct Debit.


What type of properties do you co-host?

Most of our properties are located in tourist areas, CBD’s & popular wedding locations. Ideally, they need to be fully furnished and self-contained.


Can Mr.Homestead co-host my property just while I go on holidays?

Yes. There is no minimum time commitment.


Can I block dates when I don’t want bookings?

Yes. You can block out any dates you choose, as long as there are no bookings already confirmed. Mr.Homestead will need 3-days notice if you are wishing to stay during that time. This will ensure the property is available and ready for your stay. During and after your stay you will be responsible for cleaning and any other costs pertaining to your stay.


Who pays for the extras?

The extras like Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner, Washing Powder, Dishwashing Liquid & Tablets, Garbage Bags, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Milk, Toilet Paper, etc will be at the cost of the property owner. Mr.Homestead can organise these items for you at a cost.


What about the linen?

Linen will need to be provided by the property owner. Three sets per bed and 2 sets of towels per person, plus 2 mattress & pillow protectors per bed are to be available at the property.


I’m not registered on Airbnb yet, can Mr Homestead help with that?

Yes, we can! If your property isn’t already on Airbnb we’re able to set all that up for you.

Will my property be cleaned before and after each guest?

Yes. Our cleaning partners are great cleaners and trustworthy. If you already have a cleaner, that’s ok we are happy to work with them.


Do you communicate with guests under my name?

If we are managing the Airbnb bookings for you then all our communication will be done via Airbnb as a co-host with a



What about guest reviews and feedback?

We can complete guest reviews for you. If you prefer to do it yourself, that’s fine too. If, on the rare occasion, there’s a need to respond to a specific guest review, we’ll be in touch and we can discuss how you’d like to respond.

How do I get started?

Please reach out via phone or email. We’ll find out more about your property and your personal wants and needs. We will answer any of your questions and make sure your property is a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you. From there it can really be your ideal Set, Forget and Collect. If you would like to meet in person, we can also arrange one of our partners to meet with you and view the property. Our business is built on trust, relationships and results.


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